Training Adventure & Nature Therapy (ATI)Experiential Training Module 1-4

In order to obtain the certification "Adventure & Nature Therapy Practitioner" it is necessary to attend the online theory course with a successfully completed exam.


Our experiential training can be attended by people who can demonstrate relevant experience, interest in working in the natural environment and background knowledge through other training and further education.

Adventure & Nature Therapy Practitioner (ATI)

Modules 1-5 will take place in different natural areas. The training modules are offered every 2-3 months.

Start: 27.02.2023 - 10.11.2023
Graduation: Winter 2024 (according to current planning)

  • Module 1 (27.02-03.03.2023)
  • Module 2 (29.05.-02.06.2023)
  • Module 3 (18.09.-22.09.2023)
  • Module 4 (06.11.-10.11.2023)

Type:in presence

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