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Adventure and Nature Therapy

Adventure & Nature Therapy is used as a specific therapy and/or as a complementary therapeutic method to promote, maintain and treat mental health. It is excellent for building and maintaining resilience. It is a holistic and experiential approach that works in and with different natural spaces. With Adventure and Nature Therapy methods, therapeutic settings are supported, supplemented, and/or designed independently. Therapeutic expertise, therapeutic context, and the depth of the process are decisive features that distinguish Adventure therapy settings from pedagogically oriented interventions.

We are an active member and were working in a co-creating group to enunciate the Mission Statement of Adventure Therapy and Professional Profile of Adventure Therapists.

Federal Association of Individual and Experiential Education (Germany)


The Adventure Therapy Institute

Experts in Adventure & Nature Therapy 

What are our Adventure & Nature Therapy roots? We are fundamentally shaped by our many years of commitment to the international networks of Adventure Therapy Europe and the Adventure Therapy International Committee. Also, during the last +10 years, we have developed and provided specific training in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Greece.

We are actively committed and follow the self-understanding of the Geman Federal Association of Individual and Experiential Education. Here, in the last few years, we have been in charge of the initiation, and development of a specific Adventure & Nature Therapy department and its implementation.

The Adventure Therapy Institute is founded in 2021 to provide quality training in our field in Europe. Now it’s the time!

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Mission Statement Adventure Therapy

Professional Profile of Adventure Therapists


The members of the German Federal Association of Individual and Experiential Education have been working very committedly for several years to define and explain the topic of Adventure therapy. This is a very popular topic among clinics, health insurance companies, youth welfare providers, and payers.

The question of billing arises constantly. Cost centers/ funders need clarity, profiles and service descriptions about the services they pay for. We are very grateful to the Adventure Therapy Specialist Group for their unique work at a European level.