Further education

We offer various E-learning modules aimed at professionalization within the field of Adventure & Nature based therapy. These can also be booked individually.

Further education

General Information

In our effort to meet all the training needs of Adventure and Nature Therapy professionals, ATI has developed a range of training possibilities with the best international specialists. Our most common formats are:
  • Online lectures (2 hours)
  • Online specialization seminars (from 6 to 10 hours)
The topics addressed so far have been:
  • Adventure and Nature Therapy in Youth Psychiatry
  • Adventure and Nature Therapy with families
  • Conceptual introduction of Adventure and Nature Therapy

If you are interested in a specific topic, we can also design a tailor-made training for you, in presence and/or online.

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Further education

Education (International groups)

Frequently asked questions

NO - definitely not.

We invite international colleagues, and experts on Adventure & Nature Therapy practice, research, and projects to share their knowledge through online seminars.

That would be desirable. These are specific seminars on special topics in order to focus on a specific diagnostic, treatment, or target group. This means that you should have prior knowledge or specific questions to get the best possible benefit from the seminar.

Example 3x 2-hour specialized seminar on the topic:
"Natural and Adventure Therapy with clients who suffer from an eating disorder"

You already work with patients and have basic knowledge about the different manifestations of the mental health problem and/or experience in working with the clinical picture or the target group. By participating in the in-depth seminar, you would like to optimize your treatment, receive new treatment ideas and enter into a professional exchange with other colleagues. 

No, none.

With the theory course, we want to reach many interested people who want to continue their further education. You can also just take part and not take the exam at the end.

You cannot work with theory alone and it takes a lot of practice and practical experience to become active in Adventure and Nature Therapy.

We assume that probably only people with serious interest will invest 2 hours a week for six months ;-)

YES, of course - gladly even.
We are always looking for people who will work with us to advance the topic further.

Please just contact us (preferably by email to info@ati.academy)
As a rule, we start with a 2-hour specialist lecture in order to discuss the technology, the possibilities of online teaching, and the selection of the topic together.