International Journal of Adventure Therapy

The International Journal of Adventure Therapy is a platform for sharing Adventure and Nature Therapy best practices, scientific research, and Master and Doctoral Theses.

This platform arises from the need to have a specialized journal also open to practitioners and researchers. Thanks to the collaboration with Ziel Verlag, this is possible since 2020!

International Journal of Adventure Therapy

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The “International Journal of Adventure Therapy” is an online platform for publications practice based and research publications, and also Masters and Doctoral theses from all over the world. Congress and conference documentation from the IATC (International Adventure Therapy Conference) or GATE (Gathering Adventure Therapy Europe) can also be found here. 

The idea is based on our ATI vision of developing an international Thinktank in order to pool and make knowledge and experience available and accessible. The online edition has been continuously developed since 2020.

The target group are researchers and practitioners, trainers and learners as well as interested people who would like to continue their education in their own practical work, training institutes, universities and institutions from the social and health care sector as well as related fields.

In the spirit of the European idea, the Editorial team is committed to an interdisciplinary further development of Adventure & Nature Therapy.

We strive for an international discourse between different theoretical and methodological approaches. Contributions with different theoretical approaches, methodical application (practical and project contexts) from an international perspective as well as science and research are therefore desired.

ZIEL Verlag supports us in this in a unique way. Thank you for the opportunity and professional support, dear Alex Ferstl.



The "Journal Adventure Therapy" has an ISSN number so that your publication is officially and internationally listed.

The publications are summarized under the following headings:

  • Projects, practice & methodology
  • science and research
  • Master's and doctoral theses
  • Special edition (e.g. "9IATC 2022")

They are to be understood as categories that reflect the current status of the European discussion. The "Journal Adventure Therapy" continuously publishes articles in different languages, i. H. the submissions will be placed online immediately after the review process has been completed.

All articles are checked by volunteer editors in the native language submitted and edited if necessary. Before your article appears online for download, you will receive it for proofreading.

We look forward to your publication. Please contact:

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journal | adventure therapy

Internationale Zeitschrift für Erlebnistherapie | International Journal of Adventure Therapy

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