Supervision & Consulting

Supervisions, crisis interventions and consulting (online & in person) for active professionals from the health, care and social services, adventure educators and adventure and nature therapists, facilities and institutions and everyone who works professionally with people in nature.

  • Reflection, feedback, orientation
  • Supervision in crisis situations (independent & neutral)
  • case briefing
  • Concept planning and consulting

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Supervision & Consulting
Supervision & Consulting



Professionals from Health-, Care- and Social backgrounds work daily with people and their families who are often in special life situations and need support.

Depending on the professional field, the formation of a professional relationship represents a major challenge. Proximity and distance must be balanced and brought into balance with professional action. It is not uncommon for you to be part of complex relationship dynamics with special requirements.

The ATI supervisors and coaches work together with their counterparts to create a demanding, reflective consultation process. Self-reflection and case discussions are part of the standard of therapeutic and educational professionals. 
Regular professional reflection processes (supervisions) are part of everyday professional life and serve as a quality assurance tool in very demanding work.
ATI offers specific Adventure and Nature Therapy supervision and also Trauma-centered supervision. Please find our offer in English, German, Spanish, and/or Dutch by scrolling down.


  • Are you a child and adolescent psychiatric clinic or a youth welfare institution?
  • Would you like to align your previous experiential education concept with experiential therapy and need support here?
  • Do you have already employees who are trained in experiential education, who would like to sharpen their focus using Adventure and Nature Therapy?

Then ATI can offer you tailor-made training courses and/or concept advice. Thanks to ATI's many years of experience in the implementation of Adventure and Nature Therapy within national and international organizations, we offer the possibility to provide consultation about introducing this methodology in your own company or practice.

Through a structured process, we analyze the client's demand and design and develop hand in hand a new or renewed concept of Adventure and Nature Therapy for your entity or in your daily practice.
Likewise, apart from the conceptual and structural design, our relationship with the client is integral, being able to also provide customized training and according to their needs, and quality supervision for their employees.
Please contact with us via Email, contact form or calling directly.
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Supervision & Consulting

Supervision (International groups)

Frequently asked questions

We offer supervision in the following languages:

English (Alexander Rose)
German (Christiane Thiesen)
Dutch (Per Wijnands)
Spanish (Alexander Rose)
Therefore, the supervision is booked directly in consultation with the supervisor. The price is always the same. The dates are arranged individually. When booking, you decide directly on the language.

NO - during the training, supervision takes place with the focus on "reflection and implementation of what has been learned (the training content) in everyday professional life".

In "normal/classic" supervision, you yourself specify the main topic that you would like to have supervised.